product model Wattage (W) Input Output PFC Conformal Coating Approval Dimension
PS-60-X power supply PS-60-X 60W 90Vac~264Vac, 127Vdc~370Vdc 5,12,15,24,48 N N UL/CB/CE 101.6×50.8×30mm
PS-100-X power supply PS-100-X 100W 176Vac~264Vac 12,24 N N CE 127×76.2×32.5mm
PSF-125-X power supply PSF-125-X 125W 90Vac~264Vac,127Vdc~370Vdc 5,12,15,24,36,48 Y N UL/CB/CE 127*76*30.5mm
PSF-200-X power supply PSF-200-X 200W 90Vac~264Vac,127Vdc~370Vdc 12,24,27,48 Y N UL/CB/CE 128×76.5×34.6mm (5
PS-120-X power supply PS-120-X 120W 80Vac~264Vac; 113~370Vdc 12,24 N N UL/CB/CE 101.6×50.8×29mm (4
GK-L/H150SX power supply GK-L/H150SX 150 176-264Vac 12, 24, 36, 48 N N N 160x99x38mm
GK-L/H200SXC power supply GK-L/H200SXC 200 176-264Vac 24, 36, 48 N Y N 199x99x50mm
GK-L/H350SXC power supply GK-L/H350SXC 350 88~132Vac / 176~264Vac 24, 36, 48 N Y N 199x99x50mm
GK-L/H400SXC power supply GK-L/H400SXC 400 176-264Vac 24, 36, 48 N Y N 226x115x50mm

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