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  • DG-960-X Din rail power supply
    Ø  Universal AC input range(85~264Vac) Ø  Support 1+1 or N+1 redundant system(suggest to use redundancy modules.) Ø  Built-in active PFC,PF≥0.98 Ø  High efficiency up to 94.5% Ø  Built-in current sharing function Ø  Built-in current limiting circuit Ø  Output protections: OVP/OLP/SCP/OTP Ø  Wide operating ambient temp (-25℃~70℃) Ø  Altitude up to 6000m Ø  150% peak load capacity Ø  Easy Fuse Tripping due to High Overload Current Ø  Built-in DC OK relay contact Ø  Remote control output voltage Ø  Internal fault diagnose through LED light Ø  Can be installed on TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15 Ø  100% full load burn-in test Ø  PCB soldering side with conformal coating Ø  Suitable for critical applications Ø  Ultra-slim,140mm width Ø  Free air convection Ø  3 years warranty SPECIFICATION                                               MODEL DG-960-24 ABS-75-12 DG-960-48 OUTPUT DC Output 24V 48V Rated Current 40A 20A CurrentRange    Note 1 0~40A 0~20A Ripple and Noise  Note 2 0~70℃ ≤240mV ≤480mV -25℃ ≤480mV ≤960mV Voltage ADJ. Range 24~28V 48~54V Voltage Accuracy ±3.0% Line Regulation ±0.5% Load Regulation ±1.0% Set-up Time <1S@230VAC <2S@100VAC full load Hold up Time ≥20mS(230Vac input, Full load) Temperature Coefficient ±0.03%/℃ Overshoot and Undershoot <5.0% INPUT VoltageRange   85Vac~264Vac, 220Vdc-370Vdc FrequencyRange 47Hz~63Hz Power Factor (typical) 0.99/100Vac    0.98/230Vac  full load Efficiency ( Typical) @ 230Vac 94.4% ≥84% 94.5% ≥88% AC Current (max.) <11 A/100Vac       <5.0A/230Vac <10 A/100Vac       <5.0A/230Vac Inrush Current (Typical) <30A/100Vac     <60A/230Vac  Cold start Leakage Current ≤1.18mA/2.82mA TN- TT-mains/IT-mains (264Vac input, 50Hz) PROTECTION Over Load 110%~150% of rated current, Constant current limiting for some time(150% of rated current, last 3S) then PS stop working for 7S,after 7S,if the load <=rated current, PS will work normally, auto recovery Over voltage 29~33V, hiccup mode, Auto recovery 56~63V, hiccup mode, Auto recovery Over temperature 115±5℃, detect on temperature controller; shut down O/P, auto recovery after temperature goes down. Short Circuit Long-term mode, auto recovery ENVIRONMENT Operating amb. Temp. & Hum. -25℃~70℃; 20%~90%RH No condensing Storage Temp. & Hum. -40℃~85℃; 5%~95%RH No condensing SAFETY &EMC Note 3 Safety Standards meet UL508, UL60950, EN60950 Withstand Voltage Primary-Secondary: 3.0KVac/20mA .Primary-PG: 2.5KVac/20mA. Secondary-PG: 0.5KVac/40mA. Output-DC OK: 0.5KVac/1mA Isolation Resistance 10Mohms EMC Emission Compliance to EN55022, EN55024, FCC PART 15  CLASS A Harmonic Current Compliance to EN61000-3-2, CLASS A EMC Immunity Compliance to EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,11; heavy industry level OTHERS MTBF (MIL-HDBK-217F) More than 300,000Hrs (25℃, Full load) MIL-217 Method 2 Components Stress Method Dimension (L*W*H) 140*124.6*138.2mm Packing 6pcs/CTN, 15Kgs/CTN, 0.04cbm Cooling method Cooling by free air convection Additional function Power boost 150% of rated current Parallel function support DC-OK V On: when output voltage is up to 90% of rated output voltage V Off: when output voltage is down to 85% of rated output voltage DC-OK relay contact rating Max 30V/1Aor 60V/0.3Aor 30Vac/0.3AResistive load DC OK LED Green Over load LED Red, when output voltage goes down to 85% of rated voltage, overload LED flicker When output voltage goes up to 90% of rated voltage, overload LED goes out Shut down signal Remote shut down output voltage Remote control output voltage Remote control/adjust output voltage NOTE 1. All parameters NOT specially mentioned are measured at rated input, rated load and25℃of ambient temperature. 2. Measured at 20MHz of bandwidth by using a12”twisted pair-wire terminated with a 0.1 uF & 10uF parallel capacitor. 3.The power supply is considered as a component which will be installed into a final equipment. The final equipment must be re-confirmed that it still meets EMC directives. For guidance on how to perform these EMC tests, please refer to “EMI testing of component power supplies” on https://www.powerld.com. DIN rail power supply is a kind of switching power supply, which can convert unstable input voltage into stable output voltage. We can meet all industry standards of DIN rail power supply. Learn more, follow us, and leave us a message.
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