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  • EPA-A30H Power Supply
    The power supply for the system,with the following featuresand functions: 1、Input range 90-286Vac, 53.5Vdc output, PFC, Self contains MCU. 2、The parameter can be controlled by the supervisory monitoring unit through RS485. 3、It features input over/under voltage protection, output over current protection, output overvoltage protection, output short circuit protection, N+1 redundancy and current sharing. 4、It is in compliant with TUV . 1.3 Main specifications Model OutputVoltage(Vdc) Output Current Range(A) Output Voltage Range(Vdc) Ripple(p-p) (Rated Load, Width Limited20MHz) EPA-A30H 53.5 0—30 42—58 200mV 2. Model definitions 2.1 Model comparison External model Internalmodels EPA-A30H EPA-A30H 3. PIN definition: PIN  Signal Remark A1、A2、B1、B2 L AC input A4、A5、B4、B5 N AC input A8 to A11 B8 to B11 PE Protection ground A13 to A21 48V+ DC+ A22 Pre-Charge B13 to B22 48V- DC- A23 NC A24 NC B23 NC B24 NC B25 SHARE+ Module current share A25 NC A26 PS-enable Before powermust beshorted to GND,make sure themoduleis enabled B26 PS-present A27 GND B27 ADDR0 Address line A28 ADDR1 B28 ADDR2 A29 5V+ RS485 power+ A30 5VGND RS485 power- B29 RS485+ Communication wire B30 RS485- Communication wire 4. Environmental Conditions  4.1 Working conditions No. Items Technical Specifications Unit Remarks 1 Operating Temperature -33—+65 ℃ -40℃full load start up,+55~+65℃derating 20% in linearity. 2 Relative Humidity 5—90 % No condensation 3 Altitude 0-5000 m derate1℃with every 200 meters’ rising at 2000-5000m 4 Cooling Forced cooling,Draw air from the front and exhausts heat from the behind and this module has temperature-sensing timing function. 4.2 Storage Conditions No. Items Technical Specifications Unit Remarks 2 Storage Temperature -40—+70 ℃ 3 Relative Humidity 5—95 % No condensation 4 Altitude 0-5000 m derate1℃with every 200 meters’ rising at 2000-5000m 4.3.1Input Characteristics No. Item Technical Requirement Unit Remark 1 Rated input voltage 200—240 Vac Max AC input voltage 310VAC(static state),no damage to the unit for long time AC Input voltage range 90—290 2 Frequency 45—65(typical 50/60) Hz 3 PFC ≥0.99 Rated input, rated load 4 Power transformation point 170-174 Vac The details refer to power transform characteristic curve diagram 5 Max input current 15 A Low voltage full load 6 Inrush current ≤30 A 264Vac 4.3.2Output Characteristics No. Item Technical Requirement Unit Remark 1 Output voltage range adjustable 42—58 Vdc Operate through the monitoring unit (testing condition:empty load) 2 Rated output voltage 53.5±0.5 Vdc Input220Vac 3 Output power 1605 W 154—286Vacinput 802 W 90—154Vac input 4 Efficiency ≥94%  220Vac/rated load current ≥88% 110Vac/rated load current 5 Temperature coefficient ≤±0.02 %/℃ 6 Ripple and noise ≤200 mVp-p Oscillograph band width is 20MHz.Parallel 10u+104 Capacitor with probe 7 Starting up output delay 3—8 S 0VDCfrom rated input voltage to42VDC 8 Turn on/off overshoot amplitude ≤±5 % 9 Dynamic response Overshoot range △V:≤±5 % Load change at 25%—50%—25% or 50%—75%—50%, jumping rate is0.1A/us; and the jumping period is 4ms; the two half periods are the same Recovery time  △t:≤200 µS 10 Combined regulation ≤±1% 11 Current sharing imbalance ≤±5% % At the range of 50~100%load 4.3.3 Protection Characteristics No. Item Technical Requirement Unit Remark 1 Input under voltage protection point ≤85 Vac Can auto recover, 2 Input under voltage recovery point ≤88 Vac The return difference≥5V 3 Input over voltage protection ≥295 Vac Can auto recover Output Current0A(Test by AC SOURCE+ booster) 4 Input over voltage recovery point ≥286 Vac The return difference≥5V 5 Input over current protection              - - The AC input L and N wire have fuse 6 Output over voltage protection point 58.5—60.5 Vdc Constant voltage 7 Output current limit protection point          31≤I≤34 A Can auto recover 8 Short circuit protection Endure long time short circuit without damage and auto recover. The module will hiccup 5 minutes before it locked itself. 9 Over temperature protection Auto-recoverable when temperature is less than65℃ 4.4 Safety requirements 4.4.1Safety requirements No. Item Criterions Remark 1 Dialectical strength Input-output 4242Vdc/10mA/ 1min No flyover, no breakdown. Input-ground 2121Vdc/10mA/ 1min Output-ground 700Vdc/10mA/ 1min 2 Isolation resistance Input-output ≥10MΩ@500Vdc Under normal air pressure,humidity 90%, Input-ground ≥10MΩ@500Vdc Output-ground ≥10MΩ@500Vdc 3 Touch current (Input-ground) ≤3.5mA 264Vac/60Hz 4 Safety approval In compliant with TUV EN60950-1 4.4.2EMC characteristics No. Item Criterions Remark 1 EMC CE CLASS B       EN55022 RE CLASS B  EN55022 EFT LEVEL 3 B IEC61000-4-4 SURGE LEVEL 4 B (difference mode2KV, common mode 4KV) IEC61000-4-5 DIP Drop to 70%UT,duration 100ms,at angle of 0°,45°,90°,135°,180°,225°,2...
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