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  • EPS4860-1U Power Supply
    Main Specifications Model Output Voltage Range(V) Output Current Range(A) Ripple(p-p) (Rated Load, Width Limited20MHz) EPS4860-1U 53.5±0.25V 0—60 200mV Environmental Conditions No. Items Technical Specifications Unit Remarks 1 Operating Temperature -20—+55 ℃ Full load 2 Storage Temperature -40—+70 ℃ 3 Relative Humidity 5—95 % No condensation 4 Altitude 0-5000 m derate1℃with every 200 meters’ rising at 2000-5000m 5 Cooling Forced cooling,Draw air from the front and exhausts heat from the behind and this module has temperature-sensing timing function. Electrical Characteristics No. Item Technical Requirement Unit Remark 1、Input Characteristics 1.1 Rated input voltage 200—240 Vac Max AC input voltage 310VAC(static state),no damage to the unit for long time AC Input voltage range 90—286 1.2 Frequency 45—65(typical 50/60) Hz 1.3 Power factor ≥0.99 Rated input, rated load 1.4 Power transformation point 160-175 Vac The details refer to power transform characteristic curve diagram 1.5 Max input current ≤30 A Low voltage full load 1.6 Inrush current ≤30 A 220Vac 2、Output Characteristics 2.1 Rated output voltage 53.5±0.25 Vdc Input220Vac 2.2 Output power 3210 W 175—286Vac input 1605 W 90—174Vac input 2.3 Efficiency ≥90 % 220Vac/rated load current 2.4 Temperature coefficient ≤±0.02 %/℃ 2.5 Ripple and noise ≤200 mVp-p Oscillograph band width is 20MHz.Parallel 10u+104 Capacitor with probe 2.6 Starting up output delay ≤8 S 0VDCfrom rated input voltage to42VDC 2.7 Turn on/off overshoot amplitude ≤±5 % 2.8 Dynamic response Overshoot range △V:≤±5 % Load change at 25%—50%—25% or 50%—75%—50%, jumping rate is0.1A/us; and the jumping period is 4ms; the two half periods are the same Recovery time  △t:≤200 µS 2.9 Combined regulation ≤±1% 2.10 Current sharing imbalance ≤±5 % At the range of 50~100%load 2.11 The output rise time 500 ms Rated input, rated load 3、Protection Characteristics 3.1 Input under voltage protection point ≤85 Vac Can auto recover, 3.2 Input under voltage recovery point ≤88 Vac The return difference≥5V 3.3 Input over voltage protection ≥312 Vac Can auto recover Output Current0A(Test by AC SOURCE+ booster) 3.4 Input over voltage recovery point ≥302 Vac The return difference≥5V 3.5 Input over current protection              - - The AC input L and N wire have fuse 3.6 Output over voltage protection point 58.5—60.5 Vdc Constant voltage 3.7 Output current limit protection point          63≤I≤75 A Can auto recover 3.8 Short circuit protection Endure long time short circuit without damage and auto recover. The module will hiccup 5 minutes before it locked itself. 3.9 Over temperature protection Auto-recoverable when temperature is less than65℃ Powerld enterprises is specialized in switching power supply since 1991, obtained ISO9001 certificate in 2002, ISO14001 certificate in 2006.As a professional switching power supply manufacturer,Powerld can supply a broad range of power supply,we can not only supply our customers with high quality products,but also our best service and fast delivery time.
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