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EMI test Statement

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     Power Supply belong Component power supply, EMC can not be tested separately, to be installed in the system and is connected to a load test machine EMC status, so the test results with the final product application and assembly related. Our power supply is designed to meet the EMC requirements and qualified laboratory testing through a third party reserved the right values and the well-off, the power supply is considered part of the system components, be combined with terminal equipment EMC related confirmation.

     Nova Power range is quite extensive, we can not simulate the actual system test, but considering the client system equipment shell, mostly metal, it will be placed on the power supply analog flat metal base plate EMI testing, as shown below, and resistive load test (resistive load is greater than 80% of the rated load), a special purpose use such as battery charging, the battery using the actual load verification.

     If necessary, detailed test data customers, please contact Nova or local offices, agents upon request.

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